The heroes live in Absalom, City at the Center of the World, and have completed the training to become level 1 in their given class. A few weeks later of working for their former masters the players receive a mysterious message from an elven wizard in the Eastgate district. The letter reads the following:

Dear novices,
Come at once to my house, as I have work for you that will not only establish yourself with the life of adventuring, but to the world outside of Absalom. A message from a friend living in Kassen has come to me with a request for fresh adventurers to complete the trials of Everflame. Do not let the name frighten you away, as such trial is smoke and mirrors. All you need concern yourself with is securing passage to the town. As stated earlier come at once as the celebration is in four months, and you will need all of that time to reach the town in time.

You will find my home at 2148 Greensgold street, Eastgate, Absalom. It is the house of living wood, and worry not the cat regardless of what antics she plays, she is but a playful creature.

Ever the servant of Queen Telandia Edasseril,
Malfea Arnaur

From here, the exploits of our heroes proceed across all of Golarion, and beyond!

Furies of Golarion